Welgelee Wines: The perfect teambuilding venue in Cape Town.

Teambuilding is important for any organisation. Apart from contributing to your business’s overall success, the benefits of teambuilding include increased employee morale, motivation and bonding, as well as improved productivity and organisational flow—factors that are significantly lacking, and at the same time, incredibly important in today’s rapid-pace business world.

There are a variety of highly effective and easily actionable teambuilding activities you can utilise in order to improve communication, morale and problem-solving skills in your company. Teambuilding also presents your employees with the opportunity to learn about their own strengths and weaknesses and how these dynamics can be leveraged to maximise business growth and success.

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Try these fun teambuilding ideas!
Here are a few easy and actionable teambuilding exercises you can use to improve employee morale, boost productivity in the workplace or simply break the ice.
·         Classification Game

This activity is the ideal icebreaker, as it encourages colleagues to get to know one another and provides them insight into the personalities of everyone in their group.

o   Split up into teams of four.
o   Instruct participants to familiarise themselves with those in their group and discuss some of their likes and dislikes.
o   After the introductions, it’s the teams duty to categorise themselves into subgroups.
o   Make clear that groups should use labels that contain no derogatory or prejudiced judgments. Examples of these subgroups include “night owls”, “morning people”, “pineapple-on-pizza lovers” and “sushi lovers”.
·         The Picture Pieces Game
This problem-solving activity teaches employees how to work as a singular unit.

o   First, choose a well-known picture or cartoon that is full of detail.
o   Cut the picture into as many equal squares as there are members in the game.
o   Give a piece of the puzzle to each member and ask him or her to create an accurate copy of their piece, but 5 times bigger than its original size.
o   Each member will have no idea how his or her work will affect the larger picture.
o   When all the participants have finished their enlarged puzzles, ask them to bring their pieces together into an oversized copy of the original picture.
·         Sneak-A-Peek-Game

This activity will teach your staff how to communicate effectively and solve complications. The exercise requires a few sets of children’s building blocks. The instructor is required to build a small sample statue with some of the building blocks and to place it out of the view of the participating groups.
o   Split up into teams of four.
o   Give enough building blocks to each team in order for them to duplicate the sample statue you’ve already created.
o   Instruct one member from each group to come up at the same time to look at the sample statue and attempt to memorise its details before returning to their team.
o   After each member returns to their teams, they have 25 seconds to coordinate the construction of an exact duplicate of the sample statue.
o   After 1 minute of trying to recreate the sample statue, another member is permitted to take another glance at the sample statue before returning to their team and trying to recreate it.
o   The game continues until one of the teams successfully duplicates the sample statue.
These are just a few fun and effective activities to promote teamwork in your organisation. Contact Lidea on +27764164381  for more teambuilding tips, or information on how the Welgelee venue can assist with your teambuilding event.