Outdoor Wedding Venues

Tips to Choosing Great outdoor wedding Venue in Cape Town

The most popular trend now a days is for couples to get married outdoor in a beautiful garden setting out in the country side and therefore the first thing to pop up in your mind when you're planning your wedding is your wedding venue and where to find outdoor wedding venues in Cape Town that can accomodate you indoors for the changing weather as well as the benefit of having an outdoor wedding if possible. This is because the wedding venue must suit your wedding theme, besides taking the budget consideration. As the traditional way, couples usually plan on marrying in a church while nowadays many couples prefer to have the wedding ceremony and reception all in 1 place where it is more convenience.

In order to make your decision on your outdoor wedding venue, there are lots of things that you should take into consideration. You need to do some research, as well as interviewing each and every one of the outdoor wedding venues.

Some of the important information in choosing your outdoor wedding venue that you need to checkout is: Wedding Budget - After discussing the budget, you will know how much money you can devote to the wedding venue. Be sure whether each wedding venue fits in with your budget constraints. Availability - Check the availability of the venues on the day you and your spouse to be have decided to wed. You need to book from six months to a year before the date. Ensure there are no double booked errors for the date.

Early On - Prepare a tentative guest list and make sure to look for a place that can accommodate the number of guests that you will be inviting.

Caterer - Ask the venue director if the they only offers in house catering or they also allow outside caterers, and also ask for the price as you may get a nasty shock if it is not included in the price.

Entertainment - Assess the different entertainment for the reception that is on offer by them. You may want to hire external entertainment and the venue maybe able to recommend suitable entertainment and also get a discount. So, no matter which wedding premises you're going to choose, just remember to do some research to get some valuable information on your wedding venue because it's going to be your big day, and your once in a lifetime experience. You surely want that special day to be smooth, fine and memorable.

 Tips on Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings add the elements of adventure and nature to your special wedding moment. The quality and composition of your photos will be completely different, perhaps boasting radiant reds, oranges, and yellows of autumn, or the gorgeous pinks, purples, and blues of spring flowers.

Review the following considerations as you begin the fun planning phase for your outdoor wedding!

Consider the seasons.

Do you prefer a wild explosion of color, like springtime wildflowers? Are you more enamored of the brilliant fall foliage? Decide what kind of backdrop you’d prefer for your photographs, video, and general wedding memories.

Contemplate the scenery.

Many people dream of a picturesque wedding ceremony and reception celebration on the beach, in the countryside, near a waterfall, or in another lovely locale. Put your head together with your significant other and decide which romantic outdoor wedding premises best suits your relationship.

Choose your dates wisely.

Avoid rainy season if possible, but realize that Mother Nature can change her mind at any give time.

Decide on the level of formality.

Will every minute detail of your special day be extravagant and elegant? Do you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere? Once you figure out your preferences in formality, you can decide on the style of service.

If your event will be especially posh, you may want to reserve caterers and a professional wait staff to care for you and your guests. If you want an outdoor wedding but can’t afford a huge financial setback, you can enjoy a picnic style celebration outside with a buffet-style spread.

Plan ahead.

Set up some canopy tents, just in case the heavens do open up. Even if the sunny weather holds out, the tents will provide a comfortable shelter from the warm rays.

Play up nature.

Add a tranquil fountain to help set a peaceful mood, or consider setting up some bamboo torches for an evening celebration. Bring more floral arrangements into the gathering area to give off a fragrant aroma. Consider the existing elements of nature at the site, and find ways to enhance the natural beauty.

Garden Flowers

Garden Weddings        

How to Have a Smashing Garden Wedding

Garden Weddings or an Eco-chic wedding that is also elegant and classy.
Most brides who wish to get married the green way do not want to sacrifice beauty and elegance. After all, this is the most important day in their lives and they want it to be as memorable as possible. If you are thinking of having this kind of wedding, let this guide enlighten you on how to have smashing Garden Weddings that you, your groom, and your guests would love.


Holding the wedding outdoors is one of the best ways to have an eco-chic wedding. Not only do you get to bask yourself under the wonderful warmth of the sun and enjoy the light cool breeze of the wind, you also get to reduce energy consumption. Of course, you need to hold the wedding at daytime so you do not need to use lighting for the event anymore. State parks, gardens, nature preserves, beaches, and zoos are some of the ideal choices to consider.
Now, if you really want to have a romantic evening wedding, just see to it that you use soy candles, which burn cleaner and longer than traditional wax candles. Candles help reduce use of electricity and at the same time, create a romantic atmosphere for this special occasion. Also, it is advisable to hold the ceremony and reception at the same Venue to reduce fuel consumption. Garden wedding venues are simply the kind of Venue you should pursue. This choice will prove your wedding day to be the most relaxed, romantic and unforgettable. 


Minimize paper waste by sending out save-the-date emails. Use 100% recycled paper for the invitation. Also, do not use too many paper pieces for the invitation. A one- or two-card invitation is more than enough to contain important details about the event.

Wedding dress

Buy from a vintage shop, wear your mother's gown, or look for a dress made with natural fibre. All these things can help you dress the part for your wedding day. For the jewellery and accessories, you can do the same thing or you can raid your mom's or grandmother's jewellery box.


Exchange rings made of environmentally-conscious precious metals such as recycled gold or platinum. You can also opt for unique handcrafted wooden rings that would surely give the feel of the extraordinary on your wedding day.


Opt for makeup that uses natural and organic ingredients and those that do not conduct testing on animals.


Buy flowers for your bouquet or decorations from organic farms, these farms make use of local and seasonal wildflowers and organic ways in cultivating these flowers.


The same thing goes for the food. Hire caterers that would serve local and organically raised meat, vegetables, and fruits for the buffet or sit-down meal. Rent dishes, silverware instead of using disposable ones. For outdoor weddings, you can use biodegradable dishes and flatware like tropical leaves.


Stunning favours for an eco-chic Garden Weddings include mini flower pots, potted Topiaries, flower packet seeds, recycled bags, soy candles, and organic soaps.
Having Garden Weddings does not mean you should sacrifice beauty and class. With eco-chic weddings being all the rage these days, you can have a beautiful environmentally friendly wedding that you and your future spouse will both enjoy.

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